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Hear Congo is a grass roots organization with enormous impact. We have enabled thousands of women displaced by civil war and domestic violence to resettle safely and begin constructive lives in good health.

Few nations in Africa, if not the world, are home to as many armed militias as the Democratic Republic of Congo. Even after billions of dollars in aid, the intervention of one of the largest peacekeeping are missions in United Nations history, and substantial international attention over two decades, Congo is incapable of providing the most elemental service: security.

For decades nine African countries have been fighting each other on Congolese soil. Since 1998 an estimated six million people have died as a result of these wars and the vast displacement they have created. Fragmentation. Factionalization. Decay. Ungoverned space. Ungovernable space. These are the terms used by aid workers and academics to describe Congo today. And it is likely to get worse. In Congo, war and chaos are endless.

What they need?


The mothers and daughters of Congo are its very life. It is the women and girls of Congo who feed the nation. It is the women and girls of Congo who plant, cultivate, harvest and bring to market the produce that nourishes the population. It is the women of Congo who give birth to and sustain its population.

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Women of the Democratic Republic of Congo have experienced the worst cases of sexual violence ever known in history.

The displaced women of Congo have had to provide for themselves and their children while surviving terrible health conditions, programmatic rape, and subjugation to prostitution and human trafficking. In addition they are crippled by illiteracy and the absence of any kind of economic training. Domestic violence, forced marriage, trafficking, sexual slavery and rape: They are all part of the violence used against women in Congo as part of daily life and as weapons of war.

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Education is key to liberation. Educating a nation’s female population is essential to its economic growth. As a result of the work of HEAR CONGO, women throughout the country have received medical care, literacy instruction, and job skills training, enabling them to become community leaders and entrepreneurs. They and their children have been rescued from the omnipresence of malaria and HIV and taught how to educate tens of thousands of others to similarly protect themselves. Their training has also given them economic power -- the means to pay school tuitions for their children and to learn more effective practices in growing and selling their agricultural products.

Our cause is inclusive. We understand the crucial role of men in helping Congo to become a safe, productive nation. We invite men to participate in our programs and events and to learn the skills mothers and daughters have mastered. We teach the men and young boys of Congo to acknowledge the significance of women’s roles in their lives and to respect and honor their hard won abilities in rebuilding life in their nation.

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